Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question


What is Mahogany Wood?

Mahogany is a tropical reddish-brown hardwood with medium grain.

What is the nearest port to your area

All containers from Wisanka shipped from Semarang Port Indonesia.

How is the characteristic of Mahogany wood?

This wood is not exactly belonging to the family of hardwood. The moisture content of this wood is a bit higher and the fiber is soft a little bit. That's why this wood is more suitable for indoor purpose rather than outdoor.

Do you use kiln-dried wood for your furniture and how is the moisture content?

Yes we do. Before being assembled as furniture, the wood needs to be kiln dried for certain moisture content depends on the purpose. The moisture contents are:
  • 1-2 cm thickness MC 12%-15%
  • 5-3 cm thickness MC 12%-17%
  • 5 cm thickness and up MC 15%-18

What type of finishing do you have?

  • Lacquer, a type of finishing process using shellac applied with manual paint brush.
  • Wax, a type of finishing process using wood stain applied with manual paint brush.
  • NC Spray, a type of finishing process using Nitro Cellulose material applied with sprayer.
  • Paint, a type of finishing process using paints. That can be done in both way of manual paint brush or sprayer.

Can you assure that the white painted color will not be change in yellowish?

In addition using kiln dried mahogany, we also have special treatment for the painted product that prevent the sap coming out of mahogany. Sap of mahogany is the one that causing turning white to yellowish. And so far there's no complaint for our white painted range.

How do you control the quality?

We have a team of quality controller that continuously follow the production process.

Is it possible to do custom design?

Yes possible, as long the design is compatible to the characteristic of mahogany wood. Send your designs to us by e-mail or fax completed with the measurement and another detail preference then we will carry on.

What kind of material does use for packaging?

We pack the furniture using corrugated carton wrap or carton box, with consequences in different price of course.

Do you use another material to safe the product from scratch?

Yes we do. All furniture is covered with glossy paper to avoid scratch. To protect the joint and avoid cracking on each corner on the top of the furniture, all edges are covered by hard material.

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