Opium Bed Set

Opium bed set in colonial style, made of mahogany wood from Indonesia. Opium which is identical with curved legs, brings traditional feel into your room. Available for queen or king bed size.

Olivia Bed

Bed frame in colonial style with a simple design. Feature the turned legs for a traditional impression. Olivia bed frame furniture made in mahogany wood with red color.

Maria Sleigh Bed

Antique bed frame furniture made of mahogany wood from Indonesia. Type of sleigh bed which only have the headboard. The curved shape of the headboard make looks more beautiful.

Melonia Bed

Vertical slat arranged neatly on the headboard and footboard, and there is a bit of carving on the edge. Constructed in solid mahogany wood and dark finished. Available in queen and king bed mattress.

Luna Bed

A beautiful design of bed with a sexy legs shape. Luna bed set crafted in mahogany wood with special color called Exotic Java. Bed in colonial style will make your bed room be a lovely space. Available in queen and king mattress size.

Thalia Poster Bed

An antique style of poster bed. Featured a beautiful carving on the headboard and also a spiral pole. Crafted in mahogany solid wood which means Thalia poster bed extremely heavy and strong. Many wooden slats installed to support the mattress.

Pencil Poster Bed

King size of poster bed in mahogany dark color. Fluted legs with a square base and tapered with finials top. Pencil poster bed furniture will easily assembled and will last for generations.

Josela Bed

Type of bed with cushion on the headboard. Josela bed constructed in mahogany wood and dark color finished. The luxury comes together with the elegant legs shape. Manufactured by Wisanka as exporter of Indonesian furniture.

Kawung Bed Set

Inspired from batik Kawung Solo, means if we have desire and we go through it with hard effort will always works and be success. We made this bed design from javanesse philosophy, and wood from Javanesse: teak wood with hope that you will get traditional, strength, and comfort at once.

Slat Bed

Modern design bed will suitable to put in your minimalis bedroom. There are options for material that you can choose, and it can adjust to your budget.

Camurri Bed Set

Camuri bed set is one of our best seller items. Our customers like it because of the unique and simple design, yet it looks strong and comfortable.


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