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Article Indonesia Colonial Furniture

Colonial Style Furniture

View all our coffee tables and super vintage, antique and designer items here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/RiverSpaVintage and subscribe to our mailing list at https://www.riverspavintage.com Feast your eyes on this AMAZING, UNIQUE medium size rustic antique Indonesian teak coffee table, the smaller of a pair we have in stock! Made from a centuries-old, 2 inch thick colonial door that was most likely repurposed in the late 19th Century and

Colonial Style Furniture

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Colonial Furniture: Style & Design

While the colonial period of furniture borrowed styles and designs from England, it took those styles and Americanized them. In doing so, unique styles were created based on construction techniques, decor, and even purpose.

Colonial Furniture

Colonial furniture designs came about in the decades shortly before, and in the decades following, the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. While styles were borrowed from England, after all, it was a colony, American craftsmen modified those styles to suit American design sensibilities. While colonial styles of designs can be broken down into three distinct periods, there would be some revolutionary designs that would live far beyond colonial America.

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